Position Information:

Position Information

Position Name: Customer Manager / Supervisor
Recruiting Numbers: Several
Education: College above, marketing major
Superior Leadership: General Manager
Working Place: Shanghai
Work Experience: Three years or above
Foreign Language / Computer: English/ Familiar with using OFFICE software.

Position Description:

1. Sales jobs, under the supervision of superior leadership and implemented on a regular basis to quantify job requirements, and be able to handle and solve the responsible task.
2. Development of client resources, to find potential customers, achieve the sales target.
3. Sign a sales contract, guidance, coordination, audit, accounts and records in relation to sales and service, coordination of transportation services;
4. Resolve customer sales and service complaints.
5. From the perspective of sales and customer demand, provide guidance and advice to the development of products.

Post Requirements:

1. College above, marketing major .
2. At least 3 years sales experience, with the lighting industry sales experience is preferred.
3. Have strong sales skills and sales experience, marketing experience and channel development experience.
4. With strong communication skills, organization, coordination ability and team management ability.
5. Has the very strong business heart.

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