Position Information:

Position information:

Job title: Lamps and lanterns
Recruiting Numbers: several
Education degree: technical secondary school degree or above, major in mechanical or related
Reporting object: technology research and development director
Work location: Shanghai
Work Experience: 3 years or above related working experience
Foreign language/computer: familiar with using CAD, 3 so on3dmax relevant design software
Salary and welfare: negotiable

Job description:

1, Assist the technical research and development department supervisor to complete new product technology development work;
2, Assist to develop all kinds of products of the company's technology, technology and standards;
3, Assist to guide production, sales and other functional departments work in aspects of product technology and process;


1, Technical secondary school degree or above;
2, 3 years experience in lighting industry, 2 years or above working experience in the development of lamps and lanterns;
3, Skilled, CAD three-dimensional modeling drawing;
4, To the technology market of lamps and lanterns has certain acuity, can carry on the technology from the perspective of customers and business implementation;
5, Has the good team cooperation spirit and management ability, strong sense of responsibility, work work, has a strong pioneering spirit.

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